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A Bevy Of Music Videos/Links (Jack White Drums, “Heads Will Roll,” New DMB Song, “Misfit Love” and Gayfish)

I created a couple of blogs on my own a while back and the goal with those blogs, especially RipcordNews.com, was/is to get a job.  The goal of this particular blog (other than to try to get people to figure out the name), on the other hand, is to get people to listen to new music.  We’ll take a step towards that goal with this post, OK?

– First, here’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performing “Heads Will Roll” from the outstanding It’s Blitz! (which you’ve probably already downloaded) on Jimmy Fallon last night…

– Here’s a new track from Dave Matthews, who said his band’s new record is going to be loved by everyone, even people who hate DMB.

– I can’t get the following song out of my head, especially the end part that sounds like a song  by The Strokes, minus the part about a “dead man walking through the dead of night.”  Here’s Queens of the Stone Age’s “Misfit Love” at Reading.  (You need to play this f*cking loud)

– I absolutely love this next song, which is Pheonix’s new video for “Lisztomania”.  If I were you, I’d watch the SNL performances here before I saw the video because videos generally ruin the listening experience artists intended when they originally recorded the song.

– Also, MIA has a new song out.  It kind of sucks, but you can click here to listen.

– Finally, drummer (yes, drummer) Jack White and Alison Mosshart’s new band debuted a bunch of new songs last night in New York City.  Click here to check out some of the live performances and download the mp3s as well.  Here’s the band’s first single, called “Hang You By The Heavens.”

(At first listen, I don’t like The Dead Weather nearly as much as White’s The Raconteurs, who are one of the best live bands you’ll hear.)

6 bonus links, including a video from the aforementioned The Raconteurs, after the jump… Continue reading